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Updated: 29 June 2020 -

Working Together for Northern Caving

The CNCC is the regional council of the British Caving Association for northern England and Scotland, and the representative body for caving clubs in these regions. Working with landowners to achieve greater access for cavers, as well as providing resin anchor placement and conservation coordination. Read more...

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21 July 2020
Criminalisation of Trespass
Government Consultation on Criminalising Trespass As many of you may be aware, the rules on trespass are currently subject to a Home Office consultation, with proposals that could see trespass transformed...
19 July 2020
Ease Gill Caverns - Description updated
Ease Gill Caverns descriptions updated A few years ago, the CNCC started hosting cave descriptions on our website. These are intended to provide freely available online route descriptions for some of...
5 July 2020
Toyland in Valley Entrance
Toyland: An entertaining but underappreciated route in Valley Entrance! Valley Entrance is often used as a quick route to the Kingsdale Master Cave, or as a way out after a pull-through...
4 July 2020
CNCC Online Services Statistics
The CNCC offer a range of useful online resources, including cave descriptions, topos, safety warnings, anchor information, conservation guidance, regional news, and of course an online booking system. We are...

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