Officers & Committee

Below is an outline of the basic structure of how your CNCC is organised. More contact details and a list of meets secretaries can be found on the contacts page.

Elected Officers

  • Chair - Andrew Hinde -
  • Secretary - Josh Young -
  • Treasurer - Pete Bann -
  • Training Officer - Ian Patrick -
  • Conservation Officer - Kay Easton -
  • Access Officer - Adele Ward -

Co-opted Officers

  • Anchor Co-ordinator - Alan Speight -
  • BCA Equipment & Techniques Rep - Mark Richards -
  • BCA Youth and Development Rep - Livvy Golby-Kirk -
  • Webmaster - Gary Douthwaite -
  • Online Booking Co-ordinator - Position vacant -
  • PR and Communications Officer - Matt Ewles -

CNCC Committee

The CNCC committee consists of between 10 and 14 clubs elected each year at the AGM to represent all cavers and make decisions about issues affecting caving such as access and conservation projects. Each of these clubs has one vote at committee meetings (all member clubs have one vote at an AGM).

Below is a list of the clubs on the CNCC committee as elected at the last AGM...

CNCC Member Clubs

In total there are 33 full member clubs, and each club may send a representative to an AGM and will be allowed ONE vote per club. You can view the full list on the clubs page.

To vote at the AGM, you must bring a letter, on club letter headed paper, signed by a club official authorising you to act as a representative of that club.

Becoming a Member Club

See the get involved section for all you need to know on becoming a member club.