1 November 2020

Growling Hole Topo and Description

Growling Hole Topo and Description Available

Over the past few months, CNCC's anchor installers have been particularly busy at several projects across our region.

One project that has been in the planning for some time is Growling Hole on East Kingsdale. This cave was popularised by Mike Cooper's excellent book 'Not For The Faint Hearted'. For those cavers undetered by the awkward wet canals just beyond the entrance pitch and the narrow rift-squeezes beyond, Growling Hole rewards its visitors with 'The Fault', a splendid spacious 75m pitch.

Unfortunately, the cave was fitted with original spits which isn't desirable particularly on such a large and exposed pitch.

Despite being thwarted by poor weather and national lockdowns, a few of our anchor installers have managed to install IC anchors in Growling Hole over the past few months, to provide a safer long term rigging solution.

We are delighted to publish the rigging topo, as well as a concise route description (Click here).

Photo: A caver emerging from the awkward canal crawls several minutes into the cave. The photographer (Gary Douthwaite) is stood in Pool Chamber.


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