18 November 2020

The CHECC Northern Caving Guide

CHECC's Northern Caving Guide

At the October CNCC meeting, Rob Watson from CHECC (Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs) presented a draft document aimed at student groups caving in the north of England.

This guide is intended to be particularly useful for clubs visiting our region who might not be as familiar with the caves, their relative difficulties, technical demands, and weather-sensitivity. It was written as an inspiration for these groups and to help them select a good trip which is appropriate to their skills and the weather. It is not a navigation or rigging guide; that job is left to the CNCC’s online cave descriptions and rigging topos as well as other caving literature.

The CNCC were delighted to support this initiative, and so over the weeks following the meeting we worked with Rob to refine the content and ensure harmonisation with other material already on the CNCC website such as our cave descriptions and conservation guidelines.

We are pleased to say that CHECC have now launched this guide:


They have done a splendid job transforming what was quite a lengthy text document into a beautifully presented and useful online resource, furnished with a selection of great photos submitted by student photographers.

Although this is aimed to help student groups lacking strong local knowledge, it might also be useful to anyone looking for a bit of inspiration and particularly less experienced teams looking for some guidance on the challenges associated with some of our finest caves and potholes.

Great work by the CHECC team!


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