8 December 2020

Knacker Trapper warning

Knacker Trapper Hole near Chapel-le-Dale gained popularity after publication of Mike Cooper's excellent book 'Not for the Faint Hearted'. The cave is now regularly visited by groups looking for a challenging and tackle-minimalist day out.

On 7th December 2020 we were contacted by a recent visitor to Knacker Trapper who knew the cave well. He noticed that there has been some movement of the entrance climb since his previous visit and a very awkward manoeuvre was needed to reach the bottom of the climb. When testing to see if the rocks around the awkward squeeze were stable, a large number of them moved. The reporter suggests that the entrance is dangerously unstable at the moment.

We therefore advise any visitors to pay particular attention to this additional hazard and perhaps consider an alternative cave at least until any movement settles.

If you are able to update us further on the situation then please get in touch.

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