9 February 2021

Booking system revamp

The CNCC’s online booking system has been redeveloped!

As well as providing a level of access facilitation that the landowners desire, with no problematic restrictions for cavers, the system has proved popular amongst cavers to avoid congestion in popular potholes. Although this was never one of the aims, feedback suggests that this aspect of the system is valued by cavers wanting to avoid delays and tangles on pitches.

The system has now been moved to a dedicated site: https://booking.cncc.org.uk

The former address will forward to this new site so any links/shortcuts should still work, and of course all users can still log in using existing details.

As before, the caves of Casterton Fell (Ease Gill), Leck Fell and Ingleborough Estate (including Gaping Gill, Allotment, Newby Moss, Hurnel Moss) are included in the booking system. Anybody can register for the system and it is extremely quick and easy to use.

The revamp has introduced a cleaner modern look, and several much-needed changes behind the scenes. Our webmaster was keen for the booking system to become a separate website, so that the CNCC website can now be overhauled without affecting the booking system.

Based on feedback, we have introduced one new feature as part of the revamp: Friend links.

You can now link your account to other users, which will enable you to see all bookings made by your linked friends. Simply navigate to the Friend Link section when logged in and enter the email address of the person you wish to link with; they will get an email to allow them to accept your request. You will then be able to see (but not change) eachothers bookings. This function has been requested by clubs and groups who have multiple meets organisers.

You can also use the booking system to opt-in (or out) of our mailing list. We keep subscribers updated with occasional news about conservation, access, anchoring, training opportunities, safety warnings and other related information. You can also sign up to this list by clicking here.

Some interesting booking system statistics, as of 31st December 2020:

  • There were 641 registered users
  • Of those who specified a gender, 96 female and 462 male
  • Of those who specified an age, the youngest was 18 and the oldest 80
  • A total of 1625 bookings have been made since the system launched in November 2018
  • That’s an average of 65 bookings being made per month

We encourage use of the booking system out of respect to the landowners and other cavers. However, please use it responsibly and only book what you need; if everyone books lots of caves ‘just in case’ the system fails to work optimally for everyone. Use common sense, and please remember to cancel any bookings that are no longer needed.

Looking forward to a return to caving in Spring!

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