6 January 2022

Scoska Cave Flora

Our conservation team have been doing some work at the entrance of Scoska Cave.

This sheltered, but open-to-daylight entrance passage demonstrates a great variety of cave flora and fauna. In particular, it provides an excellent example of how plant species vary in response to diminishing light as one progresses further into the passage away from daylight.

The tape was first placed three years ago to protect a section of the passage, and since then a number of plant species have thrived thanks to reduced footfall.

A recent count also revealed in excess of 200 moths!

The original conservation tape protecting the most flora-diverse parts of the passage had unfortunately gone missing, and has just been replaced. Many cavers might not appreciate the reasons for this tape being present, there being no calcite adornments beyond. However, preserving this snapshot of flora and fauna diversity is equally important.

We ask any visitors to Scoska Cave to please respect the tape and to remember that the Minimal Impact Caving Guidelines are often relevant even before you are out of daylight.

Thanks to Andrew Hinde for his efforts to replace this tape.