10 January 2022

CNCC equipment list

Over the years, CNCC has accumulated a large variety of kit!

We have underground conservation consumables including barrier tape, pins, water sprayers, brushes etc.

For above-ground conservation work, including entrance stabilisation we have landscaping tools, tarpaulins, various power tools, PPE, shuttering boards, a petrol capstan winch, lengths of pipe, and even a trailer!

For anchor installation, we have a Makita SDS battery powered drill and selection of drill bits, resin and of course the anchors themselves.

A full catalogue can be found by CLICKING HERE.

This equipment is stored in various locations in The Dales, and is available for use by cavers undertaking conservation, anchoring or other projects on behalf of the caving community. Just drop our Conservation Officer or Anchor Coordinator an email (details below) if you need to borrow any supplies. Some of the kit does require basic training prior to use.

  • conservation@cncc.org.uk
  • anchors@cncc.org.uk

Of course, if you have a project and you need kit that we don't already have, have a chat with us. We are always keen to support caver-driven initiatives however we can.