9 February 2018

An overlooked 'Little' gem

Little Hull Pot is a Yorkshire Dales classic pothole on the western slopes of Penyghent, just off the Pennine Way.

The exciting tale of the original explorations can be found in the 1952 Underground Adventure (Gemmell and Myers).

Sadly this splendid pothole, with an outstanding main pitch (click the photo to enlarge) and final sump, seems to have fallen a little out of favour lately particularly with younger cavers. Not been there? Then get it on your meets list for 2018! No permit required (please just make a courtesy call at the campsite in Horton near the start of the Pennine Way path).

There is a rigging topo and route description on the CNCC website, the latter has just been updated for even greater accuracy.


Little Hull Pot won’t leave you feeling disappointed. But for those of you wanting a really long day out, how about combining Little Hull with a short and extremely vertical trip down Hunt Pot too, just 500m away?





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