15 June 2023

Buttertubs litter-pick

Craven Pothole Club / CNCC litter pick at Buttertubs

June 2nd 2023. Attending were:

  • Ian Patrick 
  • Lin Patrick 
  • Derek Monk
  • John Helm

Report by Ian Patrick:

During a cycle ride a few weeks ago, we stopped off at a popular beauty spot; “Buttertubs” on the spectacular Buttertubs pass road. This is a really nice area of open fluted cave shafts. Noticing the litter in the bottom of these, including car tyres, a plan was hatched to organise a Craven Pothole Club, CNCC-supported litter picking day. 

North Yorkshire County Council were contacted to ask if they could collect the rubbish from the roadside. A really positive response was received and they were very grateful for the initiative. 

The day arrived and the sun was shining. Kitted up, ropes rigged (not a P-hanger in sight here!) we got started on the smaller shafts. 

Initially on arriving at the bottom there was a call of “There's not much here”, however after a couple of minutes this soon changed. There was actually plenty of litter in the undergrowth and in crevices. We cleared all the shafts except the one with the tyres before lunch. 

After a pleasant sun-soaked lunch, we dropped into the larger, wetter shaft with the car tyres expecting a quick clear up and then off for coffee in Hawes. However our plans were thwarted when we found, tucked away in a corner was a very heavy truck tyre!

We cleared all the smaller items, car tyres, an extension lead, shoes and fencing, amongst other general rubbish. The truck tyre was next. A hauling system was set up but the rope was digging into the grass edge. Utilising some of the litter (a traffic cone base!) the friction was reduced enough for us to wrestle it eventually to the surface. 

An interesting and productive day, 6 bin bags, 4 car tyres and a truck tyre removed and left for NYCC to collect the following morning. Let’s hope it stays litter free! 

Thanks to, Lin, John and Derek for their invaluable support and assistance.

All photos courtesy of Ian Patrick

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