13 May 2024

Caves approved for anchoring

Caves approved for anchoring

Following our recent AGM, our new Committee have approved requests for several new potholes to be fitted with stainless steel resin-bonded anchors under the CNCC anchor scheme:

  • Echo Pot
  • Jean Pot
  • Cow Pot, Aardvark Country
  • Bye George Pot, Grand Cascade
  • Turbary Pot
  • North End Pot
  • Swan Dyke Pot
  • P5

Enthusiastic installers have been identified to take on these projects over the coming years, and these caves join other potholes which have already been approved for anchoring:

  • Pay Sank
  • (Get Down) Shep Pot
  • Strans Gill
  • Strangle Pot
  • Sylvester Pot
  • Old Ing to Dismal Hill (paused due to access issues)
  • Robinson’s Pot
  • Craftsman’s Pot
  • Greenwood Pot
  • Fossil Pot
  • Disappointment Pot (remedial work to existing anchors)
  • Simpson Pot (remedial work to existing anchors)

Thank you to our installers who put in a huge amount of work to plan these projects, review the current situation, weigh-up the conservation considerations, discuss with other installers, seek CNCC Committee approval, undertake the actual work and draw up a topo. It's a huge time and resource commitment, for which we are very appreciative.

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