16 August 2018

CNCC Newsletter 8

The 8th in our series of newsletters is a bumper edition, with eight pages rather than the usual four. It is crammed with news covering conservation, access, training, anchor installation and other items from our region.

Contents include:

  • The online cave booking system
  • Update on access to Langcliffe Estate
  • Efforts to promote greater awareness of our caves
  • Roaring Hole conservation and anchoring
  • Several new topos and cave descriptions
  • Latest CRoW news from the BCA
  • Two big events for northern cavers in 2019
  • Inspiration reports of Marble Sink anchoring
  • Paperless surveying course feedback
  • Plus loads more

This is available to download via our publications page.

Glossy paper copies will be sent out, as usual, to all caving club huts in the UK, and various other locations (including Inglesport). If would like a few paper copies to make available to your members (or customers) please drop us an email (secretary@cncc.org.uk).


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