23 April 2023

Coal Hole collapse

Coal Hole on Leck Fell is a more sporting route into Short Drop Cave.

A few weeks ago we received a report that the entrance had collapsed and was impassable. By good fortune, our Chair, Andrew Hinde was up on Leck Fell that week with a spade, planting trees around Death's Head Hole, so he went to have a quick look (first photo). He was able to clear enough spoil to make the entrance passable with care. 

A few days later, our Training Officer, Ian Patrick grabbed a snap of the just-passable entrance (second photo). 

The entrance is now just passable with great care, although it doesn't look particularly appetising! There is still some of the original collapsed spoil to clear and further collapse within the shakehole may happen.

We don't believe this is a particularly well-used cave entrance, so this is low urgency, but it would be a shame to lose it. Therefore, we are pitching this at any enthusiastic volunteers who would like a pleasant summer project, to dig out the collapsed material and see if anything can be done to avoid further collapse into the entrance.

If this is something you would like to take on please let our Conservation Officer know:


We would be happy to support you with advice, funding for any materials and reasonable mileage costs for anyone travelling for the purposes of taking on this project, as well as promoting your efforts.

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