24 April 2023

Description and topo updates - April 2023

Photo; Kitting up for a trip into The Mistral, by Gary Douthwaite.

We are pleased to announce several topo/route description updates on our website:

The Mistral (Ease Gill) to Gour Hall

A brand-new description, our first exclusively for The Mistral (although our recently published Link Pot description contained details for the through-trip). This description focuses just on The Mistral to Gour Hall, including three optional excursions to extend the trip, including Pippikin streamway, Hall of the Mountain King and Canyon streamway. A great trip for novices, or a good starting point for anyone wanting to start learning this side of Ease Gill Caverns.

Bull Pot of the Witches to Long Gallery

For many years, Bull Pot of the Witches has been an obvious omission from our list of cave descriptions. We are pleased to now publish a description of the route to Long Gallery which follows the CNCC-anchored route, plus a few optional excursions. Bull Pot of the Witches is a very complex cave, and there is a lot more to explore (Northern Caves and the Braemoor guide are far more comprehensive). However, for novices, those wanting a simple trip, or those new to this interesting pothole, our focused route description should be a good starting point.

Leck Fell Master Cave

This description, which covers Lost Johns’ Cave, Death’s Head Hole, Notts II, Boxhead Pot and It’s a Cracker, has been updated. This remains one of our most frequently downloaded descriptions. The Death’s Head Hole topo has now been updated to reflect the new rigging situation near the surface in light of the recent deterioration of the historic rigging tree, and the installation of ground spikes and a few additional anchors (click here for more info).

Notts Pot

An additional anchor has been added on the entrance pitch rebelay (previously this was a single anchor with a high fall-factor in the event of failure) and the anchors on the small climb down inside the entrance, which were loose, have been removed and replaced with drilled threads.


A second route down Man O’ War pitch has been anchored to provide a safer route of descent in wetter conditions. The topo and description have been updated accordingly.

Hurnel Moss Pot

The topo previously lacked any depiction of the final ‘pitch’ down to the streamway resulting in groups not taking a rope for this. This has been updated (showing rigging from natural belays), and the description amended.


Finally, remember, you can report any errors, omissions, or suggest any elaboration to the wording for any of our descriptions or topos HERE. Alternatively, we welcome any new route descriptions to be submitted. You can find out more about doing this HERE.


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