13 February 2018

Ease Gill Caverns description updated

The CNCC description for Ease Gill Caverns has been updated and supplemented today.

This description covers Lancaster Hole, Cow Pot, Pool Sink, Top Sink, County Pot and Wretched Rabbit. Plus there are descriptions to connect each of these entrances for through/exchange trips. Simply print out the pages you need for your intended route.

This new version has several amendments to make the text clearer in places, and includes a new description covering Stop Pot to Fall Pot (previously only available in the opposite direction). Furthermore we have added a completely new description for an excellent and off-beat County Pot round trip via the Mancunian Way and Molluscan Hall (Upper Molluscan Hall is pictured above) which should challenge the more determined explorer.

These descriptions and rigging topos are provided by the CNCC for use by experienced cavers only in assisting with trip planning and route-finding on some of the popular sporting routes in our region.

All descriptions can be found by clicking here. We hope you enjoy them!

Photo courtesy of Gary Douthwaite.

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