6 March 2023

Further tree removal at BPOTW

Another tree removal at Bull Pot of the Witches (BPOTW)

November 2022 saw the removal of a large tree that had been used for rigging of the Direct Route in Bull Pot of the Witches (click here). This had succumbed to Ash Dieback and was almost rotten through so had to be removed.

Only a few months on and the team were back to remove yet another dangerous tree.

On Tuesday 10th January, Martin Holroyd assisted by Hugh St Lawrence, Andy Hall and Steve Gray removed a dead and dangerous Ash tree that was hanging over the traverse route down to the entrance. 

It was a cold and wet day (as evident from the photo) so must have been quite a dramatic undertaking!

The tree is now all cut up and on the track waiting for transport back to the Farm. There is another dead tree but that is not in such a dangerous place. It seems that the issues caused by Ash Dieback at this site might not yet be over. Take care and report any issues.

Our thanks to the team for their efforts and responsiveness to these issues. 

Thanks to Andy Hall for the photo.

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