1 November 2018

Launch of the Online Booking System

The CNCC are pleased to announce the launch of the next major initiative to improve cave access in our region; the Online Booking System. 

This is essentially an online replacement for permits. It has been developed by our Access Officer and Webmaster to achieve a compromise between the ease and flexibility of access that cavers desire, and the management of cave access that landowners have requested.

You can learn more and see a short demo here: https://youtu.be/sCdLrx88Z5o

The Online Booking System replaces all previous permit arrangements for the caves of Ingleborough Estate (and hopefully in due course, other regions too including Leck and Casterton; discussions are ongoing in these areas). Anybody can use it to book landowner-consented cave access for themselves, their group, or their club.

You can access the system by clicking on 'Cave Booking' at the top right or by going directly to www.cncc.org.uk/booking

Getting started with the online booking system is simple:

  1. Register as a user. You’ll need to enter a few simple details and you’ll receive an automated email with your temporary password to allow you to log into the system.
  2. Log in using your email address and password. You can then change your password to something more memorable.
  3. Search for the cave entrance you wish to visit, pick an available date from the calendar, and click to book it!
  4. OR search availability of all cave entrances by a chosen date, pick a cave and click to book it!

Most people should find the system intuitive and simple.

Once your booking is made, that’s it! There’s no need to wait for it to be approved, and no need to print any permit documents. The system works on allowing one booking per entrance per day. Therefore, that date/cave will now appear as unavailable to other users. 

You should receive an automated email to confirm your booking is in place.

Bookings can be made right up until last minute. We imagine a lot of people making bookings in the days (or hours) ahead of their trip, taking advantage of the enhanced flexibility this system allows versus the previous permit approach. 

The system is fully integrated with the CNCC website and is compatible with mobile devices.

Booking is a requirement for achieving landowner consented access to caves within the system. Please book responsibly and only what you need. We also encourage you to use the system out of courtesy to your fellow cavers, to help spread underground traffic and allow us to all enjoy caving without encountering congestion particularly on vertical potholes.

We hope you will support us in making this work.

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