21 July 2018

Leck Fell cave descriptions updated

The CNCC route descriptions covering the Lost Johns', Boxhead and Death's Head Hole entrances to the Leck Fall Master Cave is our fifth most downloaded description (behind the Gaping Gill system, Ease Gill Caverns, Alum Pot/Diccan/Long Churn and (strangely) Yordas Cave.

Since it was written however, much has changed.

The route from Notts II to the high level passages above Lyle Cavern have opened up a new, and increasingly popular number of trip options. Furthermore, entrances such as It's a Cracker and Cupcake (which were opened in 2011-2012 and which also connect into the system) are proving increasingly popular.

The Leck Fell Master Cave System description has therefore been updated to include (in addition to Lost Johns', Boxhead and Death's Head), Cupcake, Notts II and Cracker and the main sporting routes for all of these entrances to Lyle Cavern. Minor errors reported in the previous version have also been corrected (thanks to those who reported these) and the text has been improved.

We hope you enjoy this updated description.

Click here to download the description.

Of course, CNCC descriptions only cover the main sporting routes in the most popular caves. For the Leck Fell area you are strongly encouraged to invest in a copy of the excellent new 'Northern Caves - the Three Counties System and the North West' (Allshorn and Swire, 2017) which includes far more detail on all cave passages with surveys. No good bookshelf should be without this. You can see the Northern Caves website by clicking here.

If anyone spots any errors in any CNCC description or topo, please report them to the Secretary.

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