3 April 2024

Lost Johns' Stile repair

Conservation on Leck Fell

On 28th March, our very own Treasurer, Pete Bann, visited Leck Fell to repair the stile leading into/out of the Lost Johns' Cave enclosure. This is crossed by any caver wishing to visit Boxhead Pot, It's a Cracker, or any of the other pots on the same fell, and it has been in a dangerous state for a little while. 

This is a great example of caver proactivity, and sustaining good relations with the local Estate Office too.

The fell was teeming with birdlife, which a great sign. Cavers visiting Leck Fell (and other upland fells) are reminded to be diligent when crossing to reach your cave at this time of year (February to May) to minimise disturbance to ground nesting birds. This includes paying attention to where you step and taking note of any birds that appear agitated by your presence, suggesting a nearby nest; if this happens you should move away quickly and quietly. Follow existing tracks where possible to avoid longer grass or heather that restrict your view of the ground, minimise your total footprint on the fell, and generally keep moving to reduce the duration of any unintentional disturbance to nearby birds. 

With your cooperation, we can ensure cavers do not adversely impact on ground nesting birds.

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