24 June 2024

New BCA team elected

New British Caving Association team elected

The results of the BCA AGM election of Officers for 2024-2027 have just been announced.

Congratulations to:

  • Rostam Namaghi - Chair
  • Aidan Kuhlmann - Secretary
  • Chris Bolton - Treasurer 

This is an all-new BCA executive team, but who have great experience to draw upon.

Plus it's great to see a few new people coming into other roles too, you can read more HERE.

We think it is fair to say that BCA has seemed a little distant from its members over the past few years and has struggled to attract the volunteers needed to support their work. We hope the new team can address this, and get cavers re-engaged with our national body and the many benefits it can bring to British caving.

Remember, the CNCC is heavily funded by BCA, with the majority of our work receiving reimbursement from BCA funds. Your BCA membership fee goes towards supporting our work, and that of other regional councils around the country. This can often get forgotten, with insurance overshadowing the debate about the value of BCA membership.

We’d like to thank the BCA who have risen to our demands over the past few years, including a significant increase in our spending, driven by our expanded training, online and publicity offerings and our continued conservation efforts, which also including supporting work performed outside of our own volunteer pool.

Additionally, we’d like to thank BCA for coming through in the end to support the recent re-establishment of the York-based SRT-training facility (read more in our new June 2024 newsletter).

We are encouraged that BCA have continued to acknowledge the value of regional councils such as CNCC, despite their own dwindling funds over the last few years, and are taking measures to ensure this can continue.

Good luck to the new BCA team and we look forward to working with you.

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