26 February 2018

Newsletter 7 Out Now


The end of 2017 saw an outwardly quiet period for the CNCC, which did not portray the amount of work going on behind the scenes. Perhaps one of the largest ongoing initiatives is the online booking system, discussed in the last newsletter. Getting landowners on board with the benefits (for cavers and for them) of this new approach of managed cave access, and developing the IT infrastructure are not simple tasks, as our Access Officer and Webmaster will testify. However, we are pleased to report here very encouraging progress that brings the concept one step closer.

The receipt of our new batch of 650 stainless steel IC anchors means that new CNCC anchor scheme has ‘gone live’, and the new anchors have already started to make their way into caves.

Finally, the move towards a more progressive attitude to access has become a central focus over the past six months and is shown here by the news about Penyghent access, as well as an initiative up for discussion at our AGM in March. Things are changing rapidly, and for the better, and this is thanks to hard work of various contributors as well as the productive collaboration the CNCC has created.

The newsletter may be downloaded from our publications page.

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