21 March 2024

Our new name!

A new name for the CNCC

Since 1963, we have been the Council of Northern Caving Clubs, set up by several local clubs to provide a single voice to speak for access in our region. 

Our organisation has evolved enormously (have a look at our timeline). Over the past ten years we have seen a huge revival of support which has allowed massive steps forward for access, training and anchoring, while keeping momentum on one of our constant cornerstones, which is cave conservation. 

In addition to this, we have moved into actively promoting caving in our area, as a positive activity for the rural economy, and a fun and enjoyable sport, as well as trying to build public interest and awareness.

Over the last ten years we have sought to include cavers who are outside of a club structure, ensuring new access arrangements are not exclusive to clubs, and that more cavers feel represented.

Ten years ago, the idea of becoming the Council of Northern Cavers (CNC) was raised for the first time, but there were so many other things to be dealt with at the time, this idea was parked.

However, over the last year we have made a push to greater inclusivity for younger caves, through our new Youth Development rep, and for all, via our new Inclusivity Coordinator. We have also received feedback that the ‘Council of Northern Caving Clubs’ name was giving the impression that we only care about those caving as part of a club, which was now detrimental to our image with external bodies and access forums. 

Therefore, at our 2024 AGM our members voted in favour of changing our name, retaining the CNCC acronym.

The name ‘Council for the Northern Caving Community’ has now been accepted.

Of course, a huge number of northern cavers consider themselves ‘club cavers’, and our clubs are critical to the CNCC and to caving. The new name does not detract from that, but instead it is a statement that we are here to support and work with the wider caving community, which we believe has greater benefits for everyone.

The first phase of rebranding (social media, website header etc) is complete, but of course, the rebranding on all of our website content and our active documents will take much longer.

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