28 August 2023

Our new Youth Development rep

Welcome to our new Youth Development Representative

We are pleased to welcome Aila Taylor as our new Youth Development Representative…

“Having started caving with Newcastle University Caving Club and then continued with Cambridge University Caving Club, Aila has been heavily involved with student caving for the last 5 years. During this time she also spent 2 years as Sponsorship Officer for CHECC and a further year as their Welfare Officer.” 

"Now living in the Dales, Aila caves regularly with the BPC and RRCPC. She has a deep understanding of the challenges that young cavers face and the measures necessary to mitigate these. By working with CNCC, she hopes to improve accessibility for young cavers in the Dales, and improve coordination between the various different caving organisations in order to best support the development of youth/student caving". 

In just a few months, Aila has worked with us towards establishing exploration grants. In due course, she hopes to organise digging workshops, which we hope will make digging more accessible for younger cavers.

Aila will also be a liaison between the BCA's Youth Development initiatives and CNCC Committee.

If you would like to contact Aila to discuss how the CNCC could be better supporting younger cavers, she can be contacted on ydrep@cncc.org.uk (of course you are also welcome to contact any CNCC Officer directly too).

Thank you Aila for coming forward, we look forward to working with you!

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