Barbon Pot


Last updated: 11 Aug 2019

Hazards and Warnings

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Shooting takes place in Barbondale on each Thursday of September and October. During this time, the local gamekeepers have expressed concern about cavers and other fell users disturbing or dispersing the birds on Wednesdays and Thursdays. There should be no reason to restrict access to the caves in the area if cavers can keep away from the feeding grounds up on the open hillside. Access to both Crystal Cave and Dog Hole can be made either by ducking through the culvert under the road or by going through the gate and keeping close to the wall until the Gill is reached. Barbon Pot is likely to be the most sensitive, and a direct route of approach should be avoided during the shooting season. It may be best to avoid this shooting area on Wednesdays and Thursdays of September and October. Consider whether your trip could be arranged to avoid these dates to help remove all chances of access conflicts and in the interests of your safety.

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Fixed Aids

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54.2487922140808, -2.51255205296761


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Barbon Pot
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