Calf Holes (Birkwith)



The CNCC are currently experiencing several access challenges at Birkwith.

Sadly, the situation there has continued to deteriorate in 2020 and the landowner is asking all cavers (and other outdoor pursuits) to stay away despite a number of public rights of way.

The CNCC will be looking to our Local Access Forum and the National Park for assistance in addressing this matter. We know that the caves of Birkwith are important sites, not least for introducing people to caving, and we will be doing everything we can to restore permissive access.

The CNCC are not saying 'no access' but instead, urging that anyone approaching these caves should walk from Selside or Horton, keeping exclusively to access land or public rights of way as much as possible, and keep away from the farm. Use common sense, keep group size sensible, and if confronted, please be courteous and report the issue to us so we can stay up to date with how things are going.

This cave is NOT on access land. Click here for more information.


NGR: SD 80400 77580

Lat/long: 54.193602887681,-2.30189543908501

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Please note that grid references are correct to the best of our knowledge however are often taken from old books so they may not be absolutely accurate and are shown simply as a guide.

What 3 words: bumping.blacken.sunk


Calf Holes is equipped with Eco 'P' resin anchors within the BCA Anchor Scheme.

Rigging Topos and Descriptions


Birkwith Area Caves1958Northern Pennine ClubPreviewDownload PDF
Birkwith Area Caves (1958) - Northern Pennine Club
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Last updated: 24 Oct 2020

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