County Pot

(Casterton Fell)

Last updated: 9 Mar 2020

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Access to this cave is available to everyone all year round, but must be booked prior to your trip to satisfy the landowner’s requirements for managed access (and out of courtesy to other cavers too). One booking may be made per cave entrance per day. The CNCC has created a simple online booking system to allow individuals to book access to this (and other) caves using an intuitive calendar-based approach.

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Rigging Topos and Descriptions

Rigging topo
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Route Description
A thorough description of most of the popular entrances to, and routes through Ease Gill Caverns, to accompany the various individual rigging topos. Included are Lancaster Hole, Cow Pot, County Pot, Wretched Rabbit, Pool Sink, Boundary Pot and Top Sink and several routes between these various entrances plus some interesting round trips.
Updated: 29 Feb 2024

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Fixed Aids

Further info:

County Pot is fitted with stainless steel P-type resin anchors on the pitch near the entrance (7m ladder or 12m SRT rope required), and in September 2018 was fitted with four IC anchors on the traverse and pitch for the Upper Trident route to Eureka Junction (may be free-climbed by experienced cavers but 25m handline recommended). The Poetic Justice route does not have any CNCC approved anchors but may be rigged from naturals.

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SD 6753 8058

54.2191868587396, -2.49991632325655


Please note that locations are correct to the best of our knowledge however are often taken from old books so they may not be absolutely accurate and are shown simply as a guide.

Entrance Photos

County PotCounty Pot
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