Notts Pot (Leck Fell)


Issued: 21 June 2022

Warning received 20th June 2022:

A team at the top of Centre Route heard what sounded like a very substantial rockfall somewhere in the cave. They could not see anything immediately around or below them, suggesting it was a distance away. We are unclear exactly where this rockfall has occurred, but it may be considerable.

Future visiting groups are asked to take considerable care throughout the entire cave, be extra-observant for signs of recent movement, and report to CNCC any observations.

We remind you that a rockfall occurred on the traverse up to Adamson's Route in 2021. This was subsequently cleared. We are not sure if this more recent rockfall could be related, although one would have expected it to sound closer from the top of Centre Route if this was responsible.

Therefore please assume that this collapse could have occurred anywhere in the cave until we have more information, and take appropriate care.

This warning will expire after one year.



Access to this cave is available to everyone all year round, but must be booked prior to your trip to satisfy the landowner’s requirements for managed access (and out of courtesy to other cavers too). One booking may be made per cave entrance per day. The CNCC has created a simple online booking system to allow individuals to book access to this (and other) caves using an intuitive calendar-based approach.

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This cave is on access land. Click here for more information.


NGR: SD 67100 77805

Lat/long: 54.1949413098921,-2.50575435737488

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Please note that grid references are correct to the best of our knowledge however are often taken from old books so they may not be absolutely accurate and are shown simply as a guide.

What 3 words: fabricate.distilled.victory

Entrance Photos

Notts PotNotts Pot


Notts Pot is equipped with mixture of Eco 'P' resin anchors and IC resin anchors within the BCA Anchor scheme.

Rigging Topos and Descriptions


Notts Pot Extensions (Notts II)Sep 1986Northern Pennine ClubPreviewDownload PDF
Notts Pot Extensions (Notts II) (Sep 1986) - Northern Pennine Club
Download PDF

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