Shuttleworth Pot (Leck Fell)


Issued: 30 January 2017

Subsequent to previous issued warnings regarding serious collapse on the Divers Pitch (see CNCC newsletter, January 2016), we have received an update on the situation.

The steep boulder slope down towards the river (at the bottom of the main pitch) has slumped and the original anchors (which are non-CNCC endorsed anchors) are too high. The slope is collapsing backwards, and the rope from the main pitch now lands on an extremely unstable slope.

The situation is extremely dynamic, and all cavers visiting Shuttleworth Pot are advised to take extreme care on the main pitch, particularly at the bottom where the slope is unstable, and to avoid descending the Divers Pitch completely.



Cavers are referred to the following news item relating to Leck Fell access:

In summary, the CNCC has discontinued administration of the former Leck Fell permit system. Cavers are reminded that most Leck Fell caves are on Access Land (indicated below) and you should review the information associated to this.

We urge cavers visiting Leck Fell to park sensibly and tightly to ensure sufficient space for others. Do not block the road and be courteous to other users of the fell. Adhere to the countryside code and the BCA's Minimal Impact Caving Guidelines.

Report to the CNCC any access or conservation issues that you encounter.

This cave is on access land. Click here for more information.


NGR: SD 66213 79773

Lat/long: 54.2125698106159,-2.51957071362251

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Shuttleworth PotShuttleworth Pot


Shuttleworth Pot is equipped with Eco 'P' resin anchors within the BCA Anchor Scheme.

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