Swan Dike Pot

(Penyghent Gill)

Last updated: 16 Dec 2018

Hazards and Warnings

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The CNCC holds a Memorandum of Understanding with the Langcliffe Hall Estate. This allows open access, with no advanced permission, for the caves on Langcliffe Hall Estate (including land from Penyghent Pot across to Dale Head Pot) and the caves of lower Penyghent Gill such as Swan Dyke Pot, subject to the following understanding. (1) Access to the caves on access land, as determined by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, is by the rights laid down in that Act and by previous Tax Exempt Heritage Asset status arrangements made with HMRC. (2) Swan Dyke Pot and Snatcher Pot are on private land within the Tax Exempt Heritage Asset Area. Access to these caves is by permissive access route only and no formal right of way is in existence. (3) Notwithstanding the above, the CNCC shall indemnify the landowner against incidents arising from all visitors whose objective is to visit the caves. The limit of indemnity shall be not less than £5m, provided via a suitable insurance policy. (4) Several caves on the Langcliffe Hall Estate are fitted with stainless steel resin bonded anchors on vertical drops which have been installed in accordance with the specification of the British Caving Association.Only these anchors are endorsed by the CNCC. We will advise cavers that all fixed aids are used at their own risk. (5) The CNCC have a group of volunteers who will seek to maintain cave entrances subject to their resources and permission of the Langcliffe Hall Estate. (6) The CNCC will encourage all cavers to abide by the Countryside and Cave Conservation Codes

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Rigging Topos and Descriptions

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Fixed Aids

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Entrance Photos

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