Vesper Pot

(East Kingsdale)

Last updated: 10 Mar 2024

Hazards and Warnings

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Any cavers visiting East Kingsdale pots via Braida Garth Farm (e.g. Vesper, Growling, Spectacle, King, Broken Finger), please make a courtesy call at the farmhouse. The owners are caver-friendly, but prefer to know if people will be coming through the farm later, particularly if this could be after dark. In March 2024, cavers returning through the farm at night were mistaken for intruders, following a significant increase in farmyard thefts in the area. There is usually somebody at the house or working in the nearby buildings, however, if nobody can be found to speak to in-person before your trip, you may wish to make other arrangements or ensure you do not come back down through the farm after-dark, to avoid disturbance. 

Do not park opposite or too close to the entrance to the farm track (remember, large vehicles need to turn in here) and ensure all gates are properly secured after passing through them. 

For trips where you know you will be approaching or returning at antisocial hours, consider an approach from the parking layby at Yordas Cave, as per our Heron Pot route description. After passing through the wall at the top of the hill beneath Heron Pot, follow the top of the fell (at about 200 degrees), passing through a gap in the wall just below Brown Hill Pot after 400m, and crossing a ruined wall after another 500m. You are now on the section of the fell with the caves, with the landmark pile of stones only 350m away diagonally across the fell. This route only adds 800m onto the journey (1.4km approach via Braida Garth, 2.2km from Yordas), is entirely on access land and avoids the farm so is less likely to cause disturbance.

This cave is on access land. Click here for more information.

Rigging Topos and Descriptions

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Route Description
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SD 71185 77620

54.1935253897661, -2.44312821334778


Please note that locations are correct to the best of our knowledge however are often taken from old books so they may not be absolutely accurate and are shown simply as a guide.

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Vesper Pot
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