Wretched Rabbit (Casterton Fell)


Several fixed ropes and ladders are in place throughout the Ease Gill system. For Wretched Rabbit this includes several handlines on the entrance climbs. These are not monitored or inspected and are nothing to do with the CNCC. They should never be used. Always take your own ropes where they are required.


Issued: 31 March 2021

Substantial boulder movement has been reported at the Wretched Rabbit entrance on 30th March 2021, with one large boulder partially blocking the entrance and others poised to fall from the cliff above. Extreme caution is required! This warning will remain until we have confirmation the situation has been made safe.

Update 3rd April 2021:
Red Rose members have examined the situation at Wretched Rabbit. The entrance is a serious hazard at the moment particularly the roof slabs just inside the entrance which are totally unsupported, move at a fingers touch and would cause serious injury or worse if they dropped on someone. The entire cliff above, and surrounding, the entrance also shows signs of cracking and movement.

The entrance is currently covered over with slabs and posts to discourage entry. WE ADVISE, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, DO NOT USE WRETCHED RABBIT ENTRANCE INTO EASE GILL CAVERNS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We have assigned the cave as 'closed' as the entrance is deemed to unsafe to use.

Keep checking back here for more information, this warning will be updated as things progress.


This cave is on access land. Click here for more information.


NGR: SD 676 806

Lat/long: 54.2200919117724,-2.49839362341436

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Please note that grid references are correct to the best of our knowledge however are often taken from old books so they may not be absolutely accurate and are shown simply as a guide.

What 3 words: bottom.sensibly.swear


Wretched Rabbit is equipped with Eco 'P' resin anchors within the BCA Anchor Scheme.

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Ease Gill Caverns (1953) - Northern Pennine Club
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