Send Us a Cave Description

Thanks for considering submitting a cave route description to the CNCC.

Please ensure the content of the description fits with the style of the CNCC descriptions already available, including:

  1. A summary blurb
  2. Any specific warnings (flooding, loose pitches etc)
  3. Parking details
  4. Grid reference of cave
  5. Surface approach details
  6. Navigation in the cave

Please keep descriptions as concise and non-subjective as possible; ideally focussing on one specific route, rather than trying to cover several routes in one description.

The descriptions should never endorse use of any fixed aid other than CNCC approved resin anchors (for liability reasons).

The CNCC will perform the formatting/layout of the final PDF and the creation of a map, to ensure consistency with the existing descriptions; we require only the raw text to be submitted.

The CNCC can arrange review of all descriptions for accuracy and clarity (ideally by someone else also familiar with the cave), and we may come back to you with some suggested changes. If you have already had the content of the description reviewed for accuracy by someone else, please let us know as this can save us some work.

The final description can be acknowledged to you personally if you wish (please let us know) but it will be published on the CNCC website under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License meaning it can be shared and adapted by anyone but not used commercially (ie in a book).

Use the form below to submit your description. You can either copy/paste your text into the form or attach a file you have already created. If you have any trouble with the form, you can also send to


PDF, Plain Text (.txt, .rtf), or Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) files are accepted.

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