County Pot

(Casterton Fell)

Warning issued 13 days ago:

We have received warning (11th Feb 2024) of some movement in Battle of Britain Chamber in County Pot. The mud slope at the top of the chamber, and the boulders it holds (just in front of the hole leading up towards Splash Chamber) shifted a few feet, loosening several boulders. This is part of the popular route to Eureka Junction via Upper Trident area (avoiding Poetic Justice) detailed in our route descriptions. The reporter was alone, so unable to do much, but has placed the moving stones away from the slope, but more movement may follow. Cavers passing through Battle of Britain Chamber, particularly on-route to Splash Chamber, are advised to take extra caution, and to stay well clear of the bottom of the chamber when anyone is above. Please report any further news or observations to the CNCC (pr@cncc.org.uk or use the reporting form on our website).

Curtain Pot

(Fountains Fell)

Warning issued 3 months ago:

Warning received late October 2023 of substantial collapse of rocks on the second pitch (originating from behind the scaffolding and the curtain that hangs down this pitch, a short distance inside the entrance). Extreme care is required on future visits to avoid dislodging or distubing anything behind the curtain. Do not loiter at the bottom as others are ascending or descending. Be observant for anything that may be about to fall, and inspect this pitch closely before and during your descent.

Swan Dike Pot

(Penyghent Gill)

Warning issued 5 months ago:

Reports received that the scaffolding at the entrance of Swan Dike Pot is in poor condition and may be collapsing. Extreme care is needed and further reports to CNCC would be appreciated. Secondly, at the time of writing (Sept 2023) there is a dead sheep inside the entrance, and it may be several months or more before entering the cave becomes stomachable again.

Frog Pot


Warning issued 10 months ago:

April 2023: Report received of collapse in the entrance passage of Frog Pot before Toad U So Pitch. A large block has dropped into the passage with smaller debris blocking the way on. The left side of this stretch of passage is not solid rock, being formed in debris from post-glacial landslide, visible on the surface. Extreme care needed. We assume the blockage is not currently passable.

Coal Hole

(Leck Fell)

Warning issued 10 months ago:

April 2023: The entrance to Coal Hole has slumped in. Remedial work has managed to clear enough spoil to allow cautious access, however, further slumping may happen. We recommend against using this entrance for now, and are keen to hear from volunteers interested in helping clear this out. Please see our news article for more details: https://cncc.org.uk/article/coal-hole-collapse-20230423

Tatham Wife Hole

(White Scar)

Warning issued 10 months ago:

April 2023: We have received warning of a significant movement of some boulders in the streamway beyond the duck in Tatham Wife Hole. We recommend extra vigilance for any signs of recent movement, particularly if climbing on or through any boulders in this area. We understand that the loose bits may not be apparent from above when climbing down. Please report any observations.

Rift Pot

(The Allotment)

Warning issued 1 year ago:

8th November 2022: We have received a report of a rockfall originating from above the entrance pitch of Rift Pot on the Ingleborough Allotment. An ascending caver was showered with rocks, which appeared to originate from a slope of loose material above the anchors for the main hang of this pitch, on the opposite side of the shakehole from the route of approach. We suggest a careful inspection for any loose debris overhanging this entrance pitch, and that you take appropriate remedial action to facilitate a safe descent where possible.

Barbon Pot


Warning issued 1 year ago:

29th November 2022: Work performed in the last week to remove lots of collapsed trees from around the entrance, although some large branches remain bridged across the shaft. Take additional care to check the stability of anything across or around the shaft, and be aware that with most of the trees around the entrance gone, locating a suitable safe belay for the entrance pitch may requrie some creativity and additional tackle.

Alum Pot

(Alum Pot)

Warning issued 1 year ago:

Ash Dieback has badly affected some of the trees overhanging Alum Pot, leaving them in a critical condition (i.e. dead). They are likely to shed branches and potentially even be uprooted. Care should be taken descending particularly in times of gusty winds, and of course do not use them for rigging.

Cow Pot

(Casterton Fell)

Warning issued 1 year ago:

Reported 21st June 2022: The climb down at the start of the Aardvark Country route (after the entrance pitch) has been reported to be in a poor condition, with rocks breaking through original wood shoring and potentially in a position to fall on ascending or descending cavers. Extreme care should be taken here. This does not affect the more traditional route shown on the rigging topo (which does not descend this climb).

Boxhead Pot

(Leck Fell)

Warning issued 3 years ago:

Reported 10th September 2020; Potential loose boulder overhanging the narrow rift with in-situ handline connecting the Cresta Run down to the lower series near the start of the route to Lyle Cavern. Take note and due care.

Meridian Pot

(Leck Fell)

Warning issued 6 years ago:

Entrance pipe reported (October 2017) to be in hazardous state. It is advisable not to descend. Discussions are currently ongoing about a possible project to restore and/or stabilise the entrance.

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