Diving Equipment Underground

Diving Equipment Underground

The exploration of sumps requires a considerable amount of heavy equipment, which is used in ongoing projects often spanning more than a year. Getting this equipment into and out of the cave is a large effort requiring several people. For this reason it is not unusual to see diving equipment (including dry suits, bottles, line reels, fins, weights and other equipment) left in a cave near to a sump.

We have been asked by the Cave Diving Group Northern Section to remind cavers to consult with them before removing any diving equipment from a cave.

Likewise, we urge all divers leaving equipment in a cave to accompany it with a well attached and waterproof note to clarify that the equipment is in current use, ideally with contact details and predicted dates for removal, to help cave-conservation minded individuals identify whether equipment is in current use or might have been abandoned.

The latter advice is true for any cavers leaving other equipment (including ropes) in-situ in a cave, whether it be for the purposes of new exploration (e.g. digging equipment) or scientific projects; label it up, and remember to come back and remove all trace of your equipment once your project is complete.

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