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Adopt-a-cave Scheme

For decades, Descent magazine has run an ‘adopt-a-cave’ scheme by which clubs sign up to ‘adopt’ a specific cave. As part of this scheme the club is expected to visit the cave at least annually to perform basic checks and pick up rubbish. If you spot a need for any more substantial works (for example, the entrance becoming unstable, erosion to paths, damage within the cave, tape needing replacing, or more substantial amounts of rubbish) you are encouraged to contact the CNCC Conservation Officer. If you are able to undertake the necessary remedial works that is excellent, and the CNCC may be able to support you. However, if the project is beyond your manpower or capabilities we will consider whether this is something the CNCC conservation volunteers might be able to take on.


Cave Life

Conservation is essential to maintain the outstanding diversity of life found in the caves across our region. A very thorough overview of cave life in our region can be found here: