Conservation of Cave Entrances and Surface Landscapes

CNCC Conservation of Cave Entrances and Surface Landscapes

The CNCC has a long history of involvement in surface conservation works, targeting cave entrances and abandoned surface digs. At some locations, historic waste, dig spoil or general deterioration of original cave entrances or coverings has meant that the site would benefit from works to make it more secure to livestock and help it better blend in to the environment.

The CNCC conservation team have already undertaken or supported several surface or cave entrance projects over the last few years in collaboration with Natural England and local cavers, including:


  • Aquamole Pot landscaping
  • Barbon Pot rubbish removal
  • Black Pot clean up
  • Boreham Cave project
  • Browgill Cave stile
  • Brown Hill Pot entrance stabilisation
  • Buttertubs rubbish removal
  • Christmas Pot entrance stabilisation
  • Clapham Bottoms Pot reopening
  • Cow Pot fence and walling
  • Craftsman Pot entrance
  • Crescent Pot stabilisation
  • Cupcake lid fitted
  • Gunnerfleet rubbish removal
  • Ibbeth Peril clean up
  • Ireby Fell path/stile/shakehole steps
  • Kail Pot fencing
  • Link Pot wall
  • Little and Large Pot fencing
  • Long Churn wall and stiles
  • Ravenscar Cave clean up
  • Red Moss Pot lid
  • Thorney Pot fencing
  • Tip Wood clean up
  • Turbary Road stile
  • Victoria Cave diversion of path
  • Whitewell Pot restoration


These have all been reported in our new newsletters:


During 2016 this initiative was prioritised thanks to Heritage Lottery funding. We subsequently received reports of several sites on Ingleborough that will hopefully benefit from CNCC support to improve over the coming years. This support can involve simply giving advice, manpower (via the regular CNCC conservation volunteers), funding, liaising with landowners, cavers and Natural England (particularly if the site is located on an SSSI), or provision of materials.

You Can Help!

Help us with conservation by reporting sites that need attention.

We rely on your help to identify other sites which could benefit from CNCC conservation works. Perhaps you have been out walking and spotted a cave entrance with historic waste, collapsed or unsecure fencing/covering, or which has not been blended into the environment as well as you feel it should? If so please tell us about it by using the reporting button below.

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