Covid 19

Updated Monday 29th June 2020

Following the easing of lockdown and several changes to government advice in England cavers have been returning to their favourite underground places. Most of the caves across the region are accessible and cavers should refer to the more detailed access information across the website. In Scotland different rules apply.

The Covid 19 virus is still a danger to all of us and anyone feeling unwell or displaying any of the well-publicised symptoms of the virus should stay at home and follow medical advice. It will be necessary to take Covid precautions for some time to come.

From the 4th July we expect pubs, accommodation and other businesses to open up across the areas although within the limitations of government guidelines. More club activities will take place such as the opening of tackle stores, some trips and even a limited amount of club hut accommodation.

The CNCC still advise all cavers to:

BE CAUTIOUS - Take heed of guidebook warnings, fitness, skill levels and most importantly weather forecasts. 

CAVE WITHIN THE CAPABILITIES - of your whole group and lower your grades where necessary.

BE CONSIDERATE TO ALL YOU MEET - Pay particular attention to where you park and get changed. It may not be appropriate to call at farms or dwellings as you have before – seek advice from local cavers.

We have had no complaints from landowners or local communities so far and some gratifying expressions of support where we have been invited to help. We ask everyone to help us maintain and improve the positive opinion many locals have of cavers especially where they have benefited from our assistance. As always Cave Rescue will respond to an incident but they may respond with limited personnel and need to take many extra precautions. Even a simple incident has much greater implications than in normal times.

The online booking system for Ingleborough, Leck and Casterton Fells is open again. Please use it to keep a distance from other groups. Elsewhere, please be prepared to change your objectives if other groups are present but make sure to amend your call-outs accordingly.

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Stay safe and have fun.

Tim Allen
CNCC Access officer

Useful advice from other organisations include;