Approved Anchor Types

The CNCC currently supports two types of stainless steel resin bonded anchors which have been installed by trained installers in accordance with the British Caving Association’s anchor scheme. This includes P-type anchors installed up to around 2015 and IC type anchors which are now the only type of anchors used for new installs or replacements.

IC type Anchors

These anchors have a square profile to the steel with a curved internal edge. They are stamped with a unique 3 letter code on the outside face. Read more about the development of this anchor including safty and test documents on our IC Anchor page.

Eco 'P' type Anchors

These anchors have a round profile to the steel and use a couple of different installation methods:

  • Type A - the whole of the 'P' sits proud of the surface. This is often accompanied by a plastic ring (of various colours) which was used due to the runny nature of the resin at that time to prevent it coming out of the hole until cured.
  • Type B - the back part of the anchor is recessed into the rock. This install method doesn't have the plastic ring.

NOTE: it is normal for these types of anchors, particularly type A, to have a very small amount of rotation.

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