Becoming an Anchor Installer

All CNCC approved anchors must be installed by approved and trained installers. If you are interested in becoming an approved installer then please get in touch with the CNCC Secretary, who will connect you to the Anchor Coordinator to discuss this in more detail.

The training is typically a half-day session, usually 1:1, including a mixture of theory and practical.

Because the number of trainers we have is very limited, and their time is of course very important both to us and them, we do ask that anyone requesting training should have a pre-formulated plan for what projects they want to undertake, and be willing to commit to these. Please specify your ideas when getting in touch. Priority will be given to those seeking to undertake projects which will benefit the widest number of cavers in our region (for example, anchoring of entire multi-pitch potholes which currently do not benefit from resin anchors).

Currently installers are expected to provide their own tools (at the minimum, a drill and resin gun), although as the anchor scheme develops we hope to be able to loan these out instead. You will be provided with the anchors and resin. You will be expected to draw a rigging topo for publication on the CNCC website (which will be edited by our Webmaster to ensure consistent formatting with existing topos). You must keep careful records as detailed at the training and pass these onto the Anchor Coordinator.

The role of a trained installer is one that commands the upmost gratitude from the CNCC; but which does involve a substantial commitment of time and effort.

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