Anchor Locations

Locations below are installed with DMM ECO 'P' type resin anchors or IC anchors as part of the BCA anchor scheme.

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Cave Ancors Notes
Alum Pot ECO
Aquamole Pot ECO
Aygill Caverns ECO
Bar Pot ECO
Big Meanie ECO
Birks Fell Cave ECO+IC Eco-anchors on first pitch and Cascade pitch (alternative) and IC resin anchors on Cascade pitch and Shale pitch.
Black Shiver Pot ECO
Boggarts Roaring Holes IC
Boxhead Pot ECO+IC Main route fully equipped with Eco-anchors with a few additional IC anchors for extra deviations to avoid water. Alternative route equipped with IC resin anchors.
Brown Hill Pot ECO
Bull Pot ECO+IC Loose Eco anchors replace with IC anchors late 2016.
Bull Pot of the Witches ECO
Calf Holes ECO
Car Pot IC
Christmas Pot ECO
County Pot ECO County Pot is fitted with stainless steel P-type resin anchors on the pitch near the entrance (7m ladder or 12m SRT rope required), and in September 2018 was fitted with four IC anchors on the traverse and pitch for the Upper Trident route to Eureka Junction (may be free-climbed by experienced cavers but 25m handline recommended). The Poetic Justice route does not have any CNCC approved anchors but may be rigged from naturals.
Cow Pot ECO
Cupcake IC
Curtain Pot IC
Death's Head Hole ECO
Diccan Pot ECO+IC
Disappointment Pot ECO Prototype PECO anchors awaiting decommissioning and replacement.
Flood Entrance (original) ECO
Flood Entrance (Wades) ECO
FOUL Pot IC First pitch rigged around large boulder however all other pitches fitted with IC anchors.
Gaping Gill (Main Hang) ECO
Gavel Pot ECO
Gingling Hole IC
Grange Rigg Pot ECO
Growling Hole IC
Hardrawkin Pot ECO
Hensler's Pot ECO
Heron Pot ECO+IC Loose Eco anchors replaced with IC anchors late 2016.
Hunt Pot ECO
Hurnel Moss Pot ECO
Ireby Fell Cavern ECO
It’s a Cracker IC
Jib Tunnel (Dihedral) ECO
Jingling Pot ECO including Little Gully route
Jockey Hole IC
Juniper Gulf ECO
Lancaster Hole ECO
Langcliffe Pot IC
Large Pot ECO+IC Traditional route (Arcadia) to Colossus fitted with P-type anchors (see rigging topo on this website). Red Herring Series fitted with IC anchors in 2016-2017 (topo and description available in Descent 255 p12).
Link Pot ECO
Little Hull Pot ECO
Long Drop Cave IC
Long Kin East Pot and Cave ECO
Long Kin West ECO
Lost Johns' Cave ECO+IC Mostly P-type anchors (as shown on current rigging topo). However, IC anchors installed on Lyle Cavern pitch and providing an additional route in Dome pitch (not shown on current topo). Do not use any abandoned ropes that are often found at Lyle Cavern as these are not maintained or monitored in any way.
Marble Steps Pot ECO
Marilyn ECO Prototype PECO anchors awaiting decommissioning and replacement.
Mayday Hole IC
Meregill Hole ECO
New Goyden Pot ECO
New Rift Pot ECO+IC The cave is mostly P-anchors (these are the anchors shown on the current topo), however, additional IC anchors installed during 2016 on Route 66 to Coates Cavern to create a drier hang. Full details for this newly anchored route shown in Descent 250 (June 2016). Rope lengths from current rigging topo remain valid.
Newby Moss Cave IC
Nick Pot ECO
Notts Pot ECO+IC
Oddmire Pot IC Nemesis Pitch has not yet been equipped with resin anchors.
Out Sleets Beck Pot ECO
Penyghent Pot ECO+IC Some rigging performed partially or entirely using natural belays.
Pillar Holes ECO
Pippikin Pot ECO Bolt Product resin anchors on first three pitches. Naturals available for remaining pitches.
Pool Sink ECO
Rana Hole ECO
Rat Hole ECO
Rift Pot IC
Roaring Hole IC
Rowten Pot ECO
Rumbling Hole ECO
Scanty Lardos Pot IC
Sell Gill Holes ECO
Short Drop Cave ECO
Shuttleworth Pot ECO
Simpson's Pot ECO
Small Mammal Pot ECO Including HL to SE Aven
Spectacle Pot ECO
Stream Passage Pot ECO+IC Prototype PECO anchors decommissioned 2015-2016 and replaced with IC anchors.
Sunset Hole ECO
Swinsto Hole ECO
Tatham Wife Hole ECO+IC Eco (P-type) anchors on first and second pitches, IC anchors on third and fourth pitches (originally P-type anchors but replaced following reports of them being loose).
Top Sink ECO
Uamh nan Claig-ionn ECO
Vesper Pot ECO
Washfold Pot ECO+IC All Eco P-type anchors up to the last pitch and IC anchors on final pitch.
Wretched Rabbit ECO
Yordas Cave ECO
Yordas Pot ECO