Fixed Aids History & Background

In 1989, the Council of Northern Caving Clubs in conjunction with DMM (the anchor manufacturer) and Hilti (the resin manufacturer) commenced research into resin bonded stainless steel anchors in caves as a replacement for spits. Many aging spits had started to become unreliable and prone to failure, and a stronger and more reliable solution was required.
In 1994 the National Caving Association initiated their anchor replacement program. They subsequently adopted the installation and recording procedures that the Council of Northern Caving Clubs had initiated. Anchor re-placement soon became coordinated on a national basis by the British Caving Association Equipment and Techniques Group, but is run through the people approved as being responsible for anchor replacement in each regional council.

In our region, anchor installation is performed by two CNCC-approved groups, the CNCC Technical Group and the IC anchor team. Both teams operate in accordance with the expectations of the British Caving Association’s Equipment and Techniques Committee.

Both groups welcome enquiries and can provide all the necessary training and equipment to allow you to install approved anchors. If you have a proposal for an anchor project or would like more information you are advised to get in touch with the CNCC who can forward your enquiry.