Fixed Aid Participation Statement

The following statement details the CNCC policy on fixed aids, including resin anchors.

“The only fixed aids supported by the CNCC are resin anchors installed in accordance with the British Caving Association anchor scheme. A list of approved anchors can be found on the CNCC website. Any other anchors found in caves are not approved or supported. Resin anchors are for use by experienced cavers only who are fully trained in rigging techniques and who have understood all of the information in our ‘anchor safety’ document from the CNCC website, including the need to always perform a pre-use inspection on every anchor and to always rig from multiple anchors. The CNCC does not support, endorse, monitor or maintain any other fixed aids in caves including ropes and ladders (as well as any other items left behind by other cavers), and urges all cavers to avoid using any such fixed aids altogether.”