Technical Group News Archive

9 October 2014

A report on the interim anchor test on the Vercors test bed is now available to download.

The three anchor test bed was installed on 13th August 2008, see; For a number of logistical reasons, it has not been possible to adhere to the test regime specified at the time of installation and 2014 was the first opportunity to transport the Hydrajaws tester to the test location.

Interim Anchor Test Results on Vercors Test Bed

5 December 2013

The Bolt Products anchors manufactured from 316 stainless steel installed at Yordas Gully in October 2013 were tested to destruction. Five anchors were installed and removed.

Click here to download the test results document.

25 October 2013

More tests were carried out on anchors at Ingleton Quarry on 14th September 2013. The tests were carried out on the Bolt Products anchors produced in 304 stainless steel and involved an angled load test at 0, 60 and 45 degrees.

PB anchor angled load test results - 14/09/2013

9 August 2013

Four eco resin 'p' anchors were placed in the Yordas stream bed in March 1998. The test extraction took place in July 2013. You can download the results from the Technical Group downloads area or the link below.

Yordas 1998 Anchor Test Results

15 March 2012

The latest edition of the CNCC rigging guide (volume 2) is now available from the usual Dales stockists.

1 November 2010

The rigging guide for Rowten Pot has been updated.

1 October 2009

The Jingling Pot rigging guide has been updated.

1 January 2009

The Sunset Hole rigging guide has been updated.

1 December 2008

CNCC Technical Group web site now incorporated into CNCC web site.

1 August 2008

Scialet du Combeau - the only ECO anchored SRT route in the Vercors!

Download the rigging guide here

1 April 2008

New CNCC Rigging Guide (Volume 1) now available from usual Dales stockists. It’s the previous 3 rigging guides consolidated (and updated) into one guide.