CNCC Technical Group

The CNCC Technical Group were the only CNCC-approved anchor group in our region until 2015. They are a full member club of the CNCC, and have undertaken most of the installations we enjoy today across our region. Their work led to the production of the famous CNCC Rigging Guides (the sales of which funded much of the work of the CNCC for more than a decade), and more recently, the combined rigging guide book ‘Northern Caving’. The anchors installed by the CNCC Technical Group are often referred to as ‘P’ type anchors.

The famous rigging topos from this excellent book are now available electronically on this website for the enjoyment of all cavers. Nonetheless, this book is still an essential item for all serious northern cavers as it contains a wealth of additional information.

The cavers involved in this work have given up their own time to benefit other cavers. The CNCC Technical Group would like to thank all cavers who have been involved.

The CNCC Technical Group have also, over the years, undertaken training, research and testing of resin anchors, and have added significantly to our wealth of understanding about the strength and durability of the materials involved. Some of this work can be found here in the Technical Group archive. Work is still ongoing today.

If you would like to know more about the work of the CNCC Technical Group or you would like some training to allow you to install anchors yourself, please contact Les Sykes of the CNCC Technical Group.