The CNCC Committee is comprised of 10-14 of our full member clubs (plus an Individual Caver Representative) who are elected at our Annual General Meeting each year to serve for a period of one year.

The Committee is typically comprised of a mix of clubs, from the large and well-established northern clubs, including student clubs, to much smaller or newer clubs.

The role of the CNCC Committee is to enact the wishes of our full members, as well as to work autonomously through the year with the other Committee members and the Officers to address any matters that arise. Committee members are expected to proactively consider ways by which the CNCC could be better serving the needs of northern cavers.

Being a club on the CNCC Committee requires you to send a representative (not necessarily the same person each time) to our three Committee meetings each year, and to provide input and ideas to help improve all matters related to northern caving, and to vote on all proposals put forward. These voting representatives should have authority to vote on their clubs behalf. The individual may be instructed by their club on how to vote on planned proposals, but should ideally be empowered to make decisions and get involved in debates that stray slightly from the agenda. They must remember that any proposals that they put forward or any votes they deliver, they are doing so on behalf of their club and not themselves personally.

Being on the CNCC Committee is a great opportunity to make a real difference to northern caving.

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