Apply to be an IC Representative

The Individual Caver (IC) Representative can be any BCA member caver (CIM or DIM). They will be elected NOT by the voting clubs, but instead by all BCA DIMs present at our Annual General Meeting.

The IC Representative will be expected to try to attend the three Committee meetings that we have each year and to provide input and proposals for how the CNCC can be working to better serve the needs of all cavers, and not just those within clubs.

If you are interested in standing for this role, you need to submit notification of your intention to stand to the CNCC Secretary EIGHT WEEKS before the Annual General Meeting, with a statement of why you are standing for the role that can be circulated. You would ideally need to be able to attend the AGM itself. If you would like to discuss the role then please contact the CNCC Secretary for more information.

Any BCA DIMs who are interested in voting for this representative are welcome to come to our Annual General Meeting (bring your BCA card to hold up for voting purposes). A list of all applicants will be available in the agenda which will be on our website six weeks before the meeting.