Attending Meetings

What kind of meetings do we have?

We have General Meetings (typically annually), and Committee meetings (at least three per year).

What’s the difference between General and Committee meetings?

  • All full member clubs are entitled to a vote at General Meetings.
  • All Committee clubs are entitled to a vote at Committee meetings.

Very broadly speaking, matters having a very wide reaching impact on the CNCC and the way we operate are decided at General Meetings, including election of Committee and Officers. Matters relating to the general functionality of the CNCC with respect to various aspects of northern caving are decided/discussed at Committee meetings by the elected Committee and Officers.

Where can I find information about CNCC meetings?

All past and upcoming meetings are posted publically on our meetings page.

Agenda documents are usually posted approximately six weeks ahead of the meeting, but may be updated later. Other documents and reports are posted here closer to the time of each meeting. The Secretary will typically make the relevant parties aware by email when these documents become available. Anyone attending a meeting is encouraged to have read all documents and ideally to bring a hard-copy to the meeting if you believe one would be useful during the discussions.

Who can attend CNCC meetings?

In addition to voting clubs, all our meetings are open to attendance from any interested individuals who are keen to see how we work or to get involved, regardless of club affiliation.

Are meetings recorded?

Meetings are minuted, and these are posted publically to the meetings page.

What are the expectations of attending clubs?

Voting clubs are expected to discuss agenda items ahead of meetings and decide how to vote or to establish their position with respect to any planned discussion topics. It is entirely at the discretion of the club how this decision is reached.

The club should appoint a representative to attend the meeting to deliver the club vote and represent the clubs interests. It is fine to send more than one person from each club (although only one should be nominated as the voting representative).

What do full members need to know about attending General Meetings?

All full members should try to attend General Meetings (typically our AGM around February/March, but sometimes a Special General Meeting at any point in the year). Each club has one vote, which may be delivered by a nominated representative. This representative MUST produce a letter, signed by an officer of that club, to verify that the representative has authority to vote on the club’s behalf. This should be presented to a presiding officer at the meeting.

What do Committee clubs need to know about attending Committee meetings?

All Committee Clubs are expected to send a representative to Committee meetings. Each club has one vote to be delivered by their representative. A letter of authorisation is not required.

Where can I find out more specifics about how this all works?

Please review our constitution or contact the Secretary.

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