Club Membership

We have two categories of membership; full and associate.

All BCA-member clubs, and recognised cave rescue organisations are automatically considered associate members. This classification of membership exists as many historic access agreements (some of which predate the BCA) necessitate CNCC membership as a requirement for access. This category of membership does not include any voting rights.

Full membership is the category of membership which requires a specific application.

All responsible caving clubs with a significant involvement in northern caving can apply to be a full member of the CNCC. Full member clubs can propose motions and vote at our General Meetings, and hold overall the highest level of authority. All full member clubs can send one representative to vote at our General meetings, although we welcome as many non-voting representatives, either individuals or from any club, as the room can accommodate. These voting representatives should provide a letter (signed by a club official) to the presiding officer to say that they have authority to vote on their clubs behalf. The individual may be instructed by their club on how to vote on planned proposals, but should ideally be empowered to make decisions and get involved in debates that stray slightly from the agenda. They must remember that any proposals that they put forward or any votes they deliver, they are doing so on behalf of their club and not themselves personally.

All full member clubs may propose motions (notice at least eight weeks before the meeting is required to put the proposal on the agenda), make suggestions or simply deliver a vote and to have their say on all CNCC-related matters.

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