CNCC Data Protection Policy

The CNCC takes the security and privacy of personal data that we hold very seriously. We aspire to operate to the guidance set out by the Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulations, and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

The CNCC’s membership is clubs rather than individuals, however, each club chooses at least one representative with whom the CNCC communicates. The CNCC holds and processes the names and contact details for these representatives. The CNCC also maintains contact details of individuals who have registered for specific projects or online resources that we operate.

This data is supplied upon application for membership or registration for the project or online resource and will be the minimum data necessary for the CNCC to undertake the business that would be reasonably expected. On this basis, our processing of data is within the definition of ‘legitimate interest’.

Personal data can be updated at any time by contacting the CNCC Secretary or by using the online portal.

Membership data is used solely for the purposes of contacting members in relation to CNCC business. This includes providing information regarding meetings or engaging with members on other matters of relevance to northern caving or their membership. Data for those who have signed up to specific projects or online resources will be used solely for communication and administration to allow reasonably expected functions of that project/resource to be enacted.

All CNCC data is stored in a secure database with access restricted and password protected administration section of the CNCC website. Access to this data is strictly limited to those serving in an Officer role and selected co-opted Officers who have a legitimate need for access to fulfil any reasonable functions that would be expected of them.

The CNCC website is hosted in the United Kingdom, and the website is secured by an SSL certificate.

Data will never be made available to anyone else (unless there is a legal obligation).

Consent to store this data will be sought from all new members/users/registrants. Consent to continue to hold data on a ‘legitimate interest’ basis is not necessary on a recurring basis but will be sought if the usage of the data changes such that it would no longer be considered as ‘legitimate interest’. In these situations, consent to continue to hold data will not be presumed.

At any time, consent to hold your data may be withdrawn by emailing the CNCC Webmaster and/or Secretary who will act upon this in a timely manner.

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