Lancaster Hole Cleanup

3 December 2019

Conservation Day, Lancaster Hole

The Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club held a successful conservation day in Lancaster Holes on the weekend of 15th -16th November 2019, cleaning formations and removing mud smears from careless hands. Many thanks to Holly Bradley, Red Rose’s Conservation Officer, for arranging the event.

Unfortunately there was also deliberate damage in the form of splatters from thrown mud balls, and hand prints, and  the team were concerned to see that the conservation tape in the Colonnades had evidently been removed and then replaced badly, with footprints the “wrong” side of the tape indicating that at least one person, and probably more, had walked behind the formations.

Please, everyone – the conservation tape is there for a reason. There is no excuse for standing inside it – no photograph is worth damaging the caves!

Remember the BCA Cave Conservation Code:

  • Cave with care and thought for the environment.
  • Disturb nothing whether living or geological.
  • Avoid touching formations.
  • Keep to marked routes and never cross conservation tapes.
  • Take nothing but photographs.
  • Do not pollute the cave, leave nothing behind.

Photo: Holly Bradley cleaning wall formations in Lancaster Hole (Slugworld), by Hugh Parker